This is going to be a blog about life. Specifically, mine. I’m Samantha, and I’m hoping to retire early with my husband by the time we’re 40. So this will be a blog about our journey getting there. We live in the US, in the midwest, in one of the boring states. But don’t worry – the blog won’t be boring because we’re not boring.

While I love my job, I’m starting this blog to keep myself busy, share my struggles and successes with the world, and maybe help a few people along the way. We’re learning as much as we can about early retirement, but its been really hard for us to find resources from local financial advisors. Luckily, the internet.

So about me: I’m married, happily, to a gentleman whom I’ve been with for twelve glorious years. But who’s counting. We have a floofy dog who is cute and friendly and cuddly, and even hairier than all his other traits put together. I adore all 75 pounds of him. We also have a tiny turtle, who I suspect is another gentleman, but who can be sure? If you are keeping track, this would make me the lone lady in the house.

Oh yes, the house. We own a small home we purchased much too young (and MUCH in debt), but we got lucky and it’s all worked out fine. We drive two very sensible Hondas. That’s probably the most boring part of my life. We mostly drive those sensible Hondas to full-time jobs that are pretty much fine but you know… jobs.

In 2008 we were really struggling financially (and emotionally, and probably spiritually, too) and we took Dave Ramsey’s course Financial Peace University together at a local church. This was a turning point for me – but The Hubble has always been quite frugal. Our journey since then has been nothing short of miraculous.

What else? I do yoga, but not enough. And read, a lot. Probably as a form of escapism. We also compost and do random projects around the house. We’re super frugal and on a path to extreme early retirement. So I’m not sure what this blog will evolve into, but right now I’m happy to just start it. We’ve got lots of dreams and ideas and I’m going to record them here. Join me.